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Commonly asked questions

Do you see all types of clients?

Absolutely! I offer a body positive session that is inclusive to individuals of all ages, sizes and gender identity/ expression.

How should I prepare for my first session?

Preparing for a first meeting might be daunting.. However, I assure you that it is quite simple. Indeed, for a succesful session, I recommend that you ensure that you are coming on time, are hygienic, polite, and respectful of boundaries.

What is the best way to contact you/ make a booking?

My favourite way to be contacted is through whatsapp at +447436854017. But you can also text me, or call me, and email me, or send me a chat message through my website (although the two last ones are checked less often)
Making a booking is quite simple, just state your name, what type of session you are interested in, your location, any enquiries you may have and what dates/ times you are hoping to book x